Year 3


Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is an exciting and demanding year, as the children enter into Key stage 2. By this stage the children really begin to develop their thinking skills. To complete a piece of learning they may initially only be given the goal and work to decipher how to achieve it; Through the sharing of independent ideas, partner chats or group work they learn to develop their own success criteria.

Developing valuable problem solving life skills. The children are also more able to self and peers assess learning and offer positive feedback. They also spend more time editing and improving on what they initially produced, giving them a better understanding of topics and how to be successful in them.

With letters and home activities they are also encouraged to be more independent through the use of individual in-trays, which they take charge of emptying each day. This independence continues with reading. Reading journals are still used but they are completed more by the children, to develop their understanding and ability to form and express opinions on the texts they are enjoying.

The learning highlights of the year are numerous including a study of Roman Britain culminating in a themed Roman Day of learning, a mystery and adventure story literacy unit where the children turn authors and create thrilling stories for Key Stage 1. Learning about the Stone Age normally involves a lesson dissecting Stone Age man and woman’s poo!

In art the children produce wonderful mosaics for the whole school to enjoy with our visiting artist Adan Stanley. The children also produce metal sculptures in art and make exciting installations with them.

The science topic teeth and eating tends to enthral Y3 children as they find out more about the teeth they are currently loosing and growing and they also learn about teeth and growing.

The ultimate highlight for most children is planning and putting on a “Pop up Restaurant” for all of the children’s parents. It is a really fun night organised totally from start to finish by the children.

All this excitement is coupled with a strong foundation in developing key literacy, numeracy and social skills throughout the year.

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