Year 4


Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at Christ Church and Holy Trinity Primary Schools!  This year is an important year for a child’s development, so we encourage children to become more independent both in terms of learning and thinking, and taking personal responsibility for their work, belongings, timetable, and behaviour. They will be consolidating and building up ideas introduced in Year 3 and will have to ready to take their learning into their own hands.

It is also the year when the children will go on their first exciting school trip staying away from home when we visit Hooke Court in Dorset for 3 days of Tudor fun including dance, music, costume, murder mystery, banquets and various Tudor pastimes. The children always get such a lot from it and it really brings to life all the learning they do about the Tudors prior to the trip. The trip is also an opportunity for children to really stretch their independence muscles.

In addition to learning all about the Tudors in Year 4, the children: immerse themselves in Egyptian history; become scientific investigators when they learn about electricity, habitats, and friction; and get their creative juices flowing in D&T by making money containers,  pop-up storybooks and other challenging projects. There is a particular emphasis on project work in Year 4 and every child will create their own Egyptian project.

The children have weekly Maths, English and creative homework. We also encourage the children to read as much as possible and record their reading in their reading records. We ask that children take real responsibility for their home learning. In Year 4 we would like to see children trying to be more independent with their home learning and to also have more discussion at home about their learning.

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