Virtual Walk

18th May, 2021 -

Fund Raising For Christ Church and Holy Trinity Schools Enrichment Programme

Children, parents, staff and friends from Christ Church and Holy Trinity Schools, walked, ran, cycled and roller skated from Holy Trinity, Sloane Square to Christ Church, New Zealand and back during the month of March 2021.  We virtually raced 14,000 miles around the world and 14,000 miles back, to raise £14,000 to raise funds for our Covid catch up and summer term Enrichment Programme.

This was a virtual event where everyone could take part, young and old, fit or unfit. All families and friends were encouraged to participate in this event so that every mile logged up during the month of March counted towards the final total.

See the film below to see how well we all did and some photos of our wonderful walkers!

Virtual Walk - March 2021