Christ Church School History

Christ Church Primary School was founded by the parishioners of Christ Church, Chelsea in 1840 and has remained the Church School for the parish ever since.

It was set up as a boy’s Sunday School in a rented room in Flood Street initially and in 1839 what is now the Junior Building was acquired. In 1872 the school expanded and the now infant building was also acquired.  Girls were not accepted into the school until the 1900s.

In 2002 a large rebuilding program began and the school was rebuilt over the following three years but the original facade remains. During this time pupils learning took place in temporary portacabins in the playground and they ate their lunch in the Church pews!

We are very proud of our new building and have since made further additions and improvements including a children’s kitchen and dedicated art room. We have also refurbished and improved our library space.

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