Walk of the Dandelions

22nd November, 2021 -

On Wednesday 22nd September at Holy Trinity Church, as part of the Arts & Crafts Festival Holy Trinity, families took part in the Walk of the Dandelion.  They met Daniel, a most extraordinary 8’ puppet, joined in with the dandelion workshop and accompanied him on his walk around Sloane Square, spreading kindness and smiles and handing out dandelions around Sloane Square and Pavilion Road.

A story of resilience combing puppetry, dance, music and workshops

Luke Brown Dance Company 

A delightful workshop and community outreach event for everyone, especially families.  Are you a Dandelion or an Orchid? In child psychology two flower-types are assigned to characterise children’s dispositions, the Orchid, sensitive and in need of nurture and the Dandelion, a resilient survivor. Luke Brown Dance’s larger-than-life puppet Daniel, bearing dandelions of resilience and hope that you help to make, will spread your positive messages out into Sloane Square and surrounding streets.  Help Daniel stimulate mindfulness and joyfulness, as we recover from a year of isolation in a post Covid world; we all need reminders that we are wonderful, resilient dandelions.  

Walk of the Dandelion